Our story begins with the story of our ancestors: people from all walks of life who left their families and friends on the shores of Europe to cross the Atlantic in hopes for a better future.


Among those who sought a new beginning was my great-grandmother, Elna Heffermehl, who followed her passion for creativity and textiles to dress the ladies and gentlemen of her time.  Now, over a hundred years later, Sons of Christiania follows in her footsteps by addressing ‹‹the new gentleman››.


“Our brand seeks to complement a man’s true identity that is often hidden behind conformist standards of modern work wear and society. We want people to explore the possibilities that modern fabrics allow us, and dare to follow our passions and to be ‹‹the modern gentleman››. I want to bring back some of the refinement of old times, in an updated, more contemporary context”, says founder Jens Ingebretsen.



“Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion. We’ve grown into a world where the values of old times are all but lost, and a need to bring with us the values our ancestors upheld now are more important than ever”, says Ingebretsen. “It’s about walking through life with a sense of dignity, head held up high and looking after your close relations. Such as opening a door for a fellow citizen.” 


Ingebretsen believes that clothes now must accommodate for a greater variety of needs than before. We live high-paced lives, and indulge in a lifestyle packed with friends, sports, and going out. Sons of Christiania is the platform which allows you to dress for all these needs - both work and leisure.


All Sons of Christiania garments are produced in Portugal and crafted by expert producers and trained hands. We don’t compromise on quality, because it is the essence of our Scandinavian lifestyle. And we believe that you can do with a few, quality pieces in your wardrobe, rather than many.


The modern gentleman is not restricted to a persona or age group, but is defined by the values he seeks in life. By accommodating to the gentlemanly values and contemporary lifestyle we stand for, we believe that you’ll find all your inspiration here.


Sons of Christiania